Ben Choder Talks OTT, Net Neutrality, and The Future of Cable TV

Thursday, 13 July 2017 11:27

Ben Chodor, A highly sought after Digital Health, Technology & Digital Media speaker and Moderator appeared as our special guest on location at Fraunces Tavern Museum.  In this eTech.TV segment, Ben gives us his commentary on OTT Services like Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and more. We also touched on the ongoing net neutrality debate.

Ben is currently The Host of “HealthTech Talk”, a live radio Show that broadcasts on iHeart Business Talk Radio (Formally Clear Channel) nationwide. Ben and co-hosts interviews the front-page emerging Health Tech innovators and Titans about the latest in digital health technology, human ingenuity, bio-tech medical advancements and health tech capital market trends.

Ben was also the Co-Founder & Ceo of Happtique & Founder of Stream57 & Former Global head of Streaming & Virtual Events at InterCall, an innovative streaming & virtual events company.

Ben has spent his career pioneering online Healthcare communications through interactive and streaming content, and founded Stream57 on his wealth of experience merging the healthcare, pharmaceutical, video and technology fields. After selling his company to the InterCall family in December 2009, Ben lead the development arm of the company with his energetic & incomparable passion for healthcare & technology.

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